Step 1 Download Reset

Download Reset

Click on the image to download, after the double click on the downloaded file..

Step 2 Smart Scren

Smart Scren

If your SmartScreen is enabled, click More Information and Click on Run anyway to follow..

Step 3 Install the Reset

Install the Reset

Follow the installation process and complete to the end and proceed to the next step.

Step 4 Activation key

Activation key

Open your Email and check the inbox and junk or spam box of your email and copy the key and paste in the Reset.

Step 5 Activate Reset

Activate Reset

Click Enable - If error on activation, Check that the activation key this with numbers and dashes.

Step 6 Print Queue

Print Queue

IMPORTANT - Cancel all documents in the print queue. if it is not canceled, the program will show error.

Step 7 Click Select

Click Select

With the reset open click on Select - If the program does not open click on the icon in the desktop.

Step 8 Printer Model

Printer Model

If the Reset program works for more than one model, select the printer model.

Step 9 USB port

USB port

Select the USB port that shows your printer - DO NOT LEAVE IN AUTO SELECTION.

Step 10 Particular Mode

Particular Mode

Click Particular Adjustment Mode. to follow the final steps of resetting your printer.

Step 11 Waste Ink Pad

Waste Ink Pad

Click on Waste Ink Pad Counter and then click OK to proceed to Final Step.

Step 12 Main Pad Counter

Main Pad Counter

Click on Main Pad Counter - If you have more than one check box check all .

Step 3 Initialize


Click Initialize - To start the process of resetting your printer .

Error ?Comunication error?

Comunication error?

If you have a communication error click here - Otherwise follow the next step.

Step 14 Click OK.

Click OK.

OK in the message box that appears .

END Turn off and on

Turn off and on

Power Off and Turn On The printer on the Power button, after turning on your printer it will be unlocked .